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Shockproof system for glass moving door

2019-12-21 Come from: Gaoyao District Jinli Town junjunda Hardware Factory Browse times: 313

   Glass sliding door Shockproof system Glass sliding door It is a movable door made of glass.

Anti-collision bar

An anti collision strip is arranged at the joint part of the glass door plate and the metal frame, which greatly enhances the product's stability and ensures that the glass will not crack due to long-term collision. The shockproof bar is made of PVC non-toxic soft material to make products more environmentally friendly.

Shockproof system

A damping system similar to the chassis is installed on the bottom wheel. When the ground is not normal, the damping system will buffer the door to avoid bumping up and down when the door is sliding. At the same time, the lower slide rail is equipped with a positioning device, which can adjust the door to the ideal position to meet the requirement of opening the door.

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