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Bathroom hardware accessories shopping

2019-12-16 Come from: Gaoyao District Jinli Town junjunda Hardware Factory Browse times: 301

   bathroom hardware Hanging pieces are purchased, and hardware hangs are required in bathroom rooms, such as hanging towel toothbrushes, hardware hanging accessories for clothes, etc., and install them on walls or washing tables to facilitate daily use. buy bathroom hardware Pendants should pay attention to methods.

1. Look at the material.

   Bathroom accessories The products include copper plated products, copper polished copper products, and more chrome plated products. The titanium alloys are of high grade, followed by copper chromium products, stainless steel chrome plating products, aluminum alloy chrome plated products, iron chromium plated products and even plastic products.

2. Look at the coating.

Quasi electroplating can not only make the product surface fine and even, but also avoid oxidation and rust in damp environment. Use the eye to see the surface of the pendant. If there is no blister on the surface and the coating is uniform, it can be selected.

3, look at the craft.

Products processed by strict process standards often undergo complex machining, polishing, welding, inspection and other processes. The products are very beautiful in appearance, good in performance, and excellent in handle, smooth, smooth and flawless.

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