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Structure and function of movable door hanging wheel

2019-12-06 come from: Rongjunda hardware factory, Jinli Town, Gaoyao District Views: 482

   Movable door hanging wheel Structural function, hanging wheel is used for balcony, kitchen, dining room sliding door, it is an important part of the sliding door, in fact, it plays the role of buffer closing, it lifts the door leaf, carries the weight of the door on the wheel

The key to the long-term use of the wheel is whether it can be used. If the quality of the hanging wheel is not good, it will greatly affect the service life of the sliding door. The quality of the hanging wheel is mainly reflected in its appearance design, manufacturing level and the matching hanging rail design.

From the point of view of structure, the design of four wheels is universal and reasonable, and some manufacturers configure top wheel on the basis of four wheels, which can reduce the jumping of hanging wheel. However, the more wheels are not the better, and the balance effect is not ideal when some hanging wheels are equipped with 12 wheels

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