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Four tips for selecting sliding pulley

2019-12-04 Come from: Gaoyao District Jinli Town junjunda Hardware Factory Browse times: 258

   Sliding pulley Choosing four skills, the modern concept of home is more and more inclined to save space, customize on demand and environmental protection. In addition to providing sealing for wardrobe and cloakroom, moving door can also play a role of space separation and privacy increase for the living room, kitchen and balcony.

Cupboard door: mainly suitable for bedroom, cloakroom, you can choose natural and simple wooden panels, fashionable avant-garde mirror faceplate, warm and elegant leather board and so on.

Partition: the role is to create a unified atmosphere of the living room, for example, between the kitchen and living room can be installed transparent glass partition, which takes into account the advantages of closed kitchen and open kitchen, and can avoid lampblack into the living room. As a balcony partition door, more choice of transparent glass, not only can increase the daylighting performance of the living room, but also make the space more open.

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