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Material selection of glass door

2019-12-02 Come from: Gaoyao District Jinli Town junjunda Hardware Factory Browse times: 290

   Glass sliding door Material selection, partition door is the decoration later stage project, it matches with the overall style of the decoration and not abrupt, in a sense, cut off the choice is good, is the finishing touch of the decoration style.

Sliding door is divided into lifting rail door and sliding door. The bearing of the lifting rail door is its weakness and easy to walk. It is easy to walk away from the track. It is easy to derail the track of the sliding door. If the interior of the rail does not dust away in time, it is easy to push and pull. The derailment will damage the bottom of the door. There is also a folding door which can intelligently control the push and pull space, but the push and pull is not light enough. Generally speaking, the dark tone door will be more luxurious. The white tone series is more in line with the European style of decoration. The interior decoration of the door can be fine tuned according to the individual's preferences. Each of the different householders has different types of love.

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