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What are the shower room accessories?

2019-11-27 Come from: Gaoyao District Jinli Town junjunda Hardware Factory Browse times: 311

   Shower room accessories What are there? Bathroom showers will use a lot of hardware accessories when decorating, but it is not very clear that the roof is not decorated.

1. Pulley and frame edge

Pulley and frame edge are important components of shower room, mainly aluminum alloy and stainless steel two kinds of materials, 304 stainless steel acid and alkaline resistance is better, will not rust in the use process.

2. Water retaining stone

The water blocking stone is the lower part of the shower room. The main function is to prevent the shower from flowing elsewhere. The material of water retaining mainly consists of artificial stone and two kinds, which are commonly used in toilets, while artificial stones are formed at a time, so no seams are easy to survive, so it is more suitable for the decoration of hair ovary.

3, track

The track is an important component of shower room. It is mainly used for opening and closing shower doors. The choice of 304 stainless steel pulley is of good quality and not easy to rust.

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