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5 main purposes of sliding door lifting wheel

2019-11-06 Come from: Gaoyao District Jinli Town junjunda Hardware Factory Browse times: 168

   Door lifting wheel The 5 purpose is different from other categories. Door leaf connects with pulley and moves on fixed track.

Sliding doors, regardless of their styles, play the role of space restriction and separation without exception. The degree of limitation can be determined according to the size, material, style and color of sliding doors. The sliding doors with opaque, darker colors and hard material have strong separation strength and give clear boundaries to the space. This sliding door is suitable for the wide space with high layer height. The sliding door with small size, light material and good permeability has low definition of space, and the spatial interface is not very clear, but it can be separated from each other in space division, making the space maintain good mobility and richer levels. This sliding door is applicable to the division of various living space and the restriction of local space.

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