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Durable function of sliding door lifting wheel

2019-07-18 Come from: Gaoyao District Jinli Town junjunda Hardware Factory Browse times: 196

   Door lifting wheel Durable function and excellent bearing are the decisive factors of the quality of the lifting wheel. The most common application is deep groove ball bearings. The quality of bearings is determined by many aspects such as limit speed, life span and load capacity. The simple and intuitive inspection method is to select and pull the pulley on the flat plate to push back and forth, and feel whether the wheel is blocked or not. Whether the installation is good or bad, ball bearings, lubricants and other factors will also affect the accuracy, life and performance of bearings.

The outer layer is bright and clean without prismatic projections. The rough roller has obvious beating when used. Ordinary plastic rollers are soft and relatively quiet, but the thrust is larger. The noise of metal rollers is larger and easier to push. POM plastic combines the advantages of ordinary plastics and metal materials, durable, quiet, and labor-saving.

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