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Bathroom hardware wholesale, Zhaoqing quality kitchen hardware recommended

2018-11-16 Come from: Gaoyao District Jinli Town junjunda Hardware Factory Browse times: 168

Rong Junda Hardware Factory Professional supply Kitchen and bathroom hardware

Gaoyao District Jinli Town junjunda Hardware Factory With a complete and scientific quality management system, we are committed to specializing in the production of various grades of bathroom products. The company is located in Zhaoqing, and always provides quality kitchen and hardware and services as the fundamental purpose of enterprise development and expansion. Based on stable business sources, it is radiated to the whole country. Guangdong and Zhaoqing are gradually expanding and strengthening enterprises.

Glass door clip Generally suitable for 12mm glass. It can be applied to 8mm and 10mm thick glass doors by adding pad paper, and some door clamps can be sandwiched with 15mm thick glass. The open door clamp is suitable for 12mm 15mm thick glass doors. 1. door clip housing can be divided into stainless steel and aluminum shell according to material quality, three kinds of iron shell, stainless steel is better, aluminum alloy second, iron shell price is cheaper, but it is easy to rust. 2. shell surface treatment: mirror light, sanding, titanium gold, placer gold, rose gold, etc., according to customer needs can also oxidize a variety of surface treatment. 3. gate clamp castings are generally made of three kinds of materials: iron, aluminum, stainless steel, aluminum and iron, which are widely used, with high price, good service life and good service life. The price of iron is cheap, but because the material is hard and the material is easy to rust, some manufacturers use rubber or PVC material instead of 4. pad to reduce the cost. According to the material, they can be divided into four kinds: paper pad, asbestos pad, non asbestos pad and rubber pad. The lock clamping pad is three kinds of 1.0mm, 1.2mm and 1.5mm. All other clamping heads of 2mm5. door clamps can be divided into four kinds: the lower chuck, the upper chuck, the top chuck and the chuck. 6. the lower clamp can be divided into JU (GMT) head, N (Nova) head, D (horse) head and B (quadrangle) head, according to the material can be divided into stainless steel and carbon steel two kinds. 7. the upper, the top and the chuck factory are usually made of zinc alloy, and of course they can be made of stainless steel or carbon steel.

Rong Junda Hardware Factory Our products are exquisite in workmanship, affordable in price and prompt in delivery. The main kitchen and bathroom hardware is loved by consumers. Through wholesale, retail, direct selling, factory direct sales, physical store sales, online sales to demand crowd, excellent workmanship and reasonable price have made our kitchen hardware output and sales volume up to a new level. For a large quantity of customers, we will also deliver the products to the customers in the way of land transportation and road transportation, and provide convenience to customers as much as possible.

Rong Junda hardware The factory respects integrity, win win, create business philosophy, create a good business environment, with a new management mode, perfect technology, thoughtful service, reliable quality as the basis for survival, always adhere to the supremacy of users, the heart service demand crowd, moving users. The company has a wide range of bathroom products, diverse styles and complete grades. In view of the needs of the vast demand, the kitchen and bathroom hardware of the company has a simple and modern style. It has the use of metal products hung and placed towels and towels in the bathroom. Our kitchen hardware quality is reliable, is verified by the relevant departments, you can rest assured that the order to use.

Jinli Town, Gaoyao District Rong Junda hardware The factory's integrity, strength and product quality have been recognized by the needs of the people and the industry. Our kitchen and bathroom hardware is also in the country. Guangdong and Zhaoqing sell well. Our goal is to provide consumers with high quality products and services at a reasonable price. Choosing our kitchen hardware is a wise move for you. Welcome customers to come to inquire, so that we can have a better understanding of our kitchen and hardware, mutual benefit and create brilliance together.

I want to know more about Zhaoqing kitchen hardware wholesale. Bathroom hardware wholesale , Bathroom products What are the relevant information? Please see more dynamic of Jung Da hardware factory in Jinli Town, Gaoyao district.

 Bathroom hardware wholesale, Zhaoqing quality kitchen hardware recommended

 Bathroom hardware wholesale, Zhaoqing quality kitchen hardware recommended

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